A Thanksgiving’s Twelve Zodiac Guests

turkey-dinnerThis year’s thanksgiving menu has been agonized over for weeks, because there are 12 different zodiac signs represented in the 12 people coming to dinner. However, with the huge assortment of foods, every single one of them will be able to find what they like. Let’s start at the beginning.

The first guest at the table, Aries, loves to eat pumpkins, tomatoes, beans, walnuts, and figs. However, Aries detests spicy and salty foods. Aries also refuses alcohol.

Going clockwise, Leo adores whole grains, popcorn, peaches, and veggies like spinach, potatoes, and carrots. Leo keeps dairy products away from the dinner plate.

Sagittarius craves pears, radishes, olives, but is on a diet free of sweet foods.

The Gemini must have plums, raisins, cauliflower, and ginger. Gemini turns down an order of coffee.

Libra has very special tastes. Good items are oats, peas, corn, and nondairy cheeses. Disliked items are yeasty foods and carbonated beverages.

Aquarius loves steamed vegetables, cabbage, and protein bars, no matter the meal. Aquarius also enjoys cayenne and salt.

Halfway though the table, we meet people with even more unusual and picky tastes.

Cancer likes wheat and whole-grains, beets, cucumbers, and even seaweed! Give them a big glass of soda and they will be telling Thanksgiving stories for hours.

Scorpio devours black cherries, coconut, leeks, and lentils. Scorpio has a sensitive stomach though, and eschews oily and sweet foods.

Pisces enjoys lemons and other natural sugars. Do not offer asparagus under any circumstances; they dislike this greatly.

Taurus eats cranberries and horseradish. Taurus tries to cut down on high amounts of simple carbohydrates.

Virgo dislikes chocolate immensely, but would not say no to double helpings of fruit salad and teas.

The last guest is Capricorn, who greatly enjoys to stuff their stomach with spicy vegetables, sprouts, and soups.


Halloween Costumes and your Zodiac Sign

Creative Halloween Costumes to Reflect Your Zodiac Sign


Choosing a Halloween costume based on your zodiac sign is a great way to express your unique personality. Some signs are easy, such as Leo the Lion or Taurus the Bull, but others require more creativity. Find inspiration in your zodiac’s mascot or the character traits associated with your sign.

As an air sign, anything that takes flight captures your attention whether it is a helicopter or bumblebee. A pixie or Rumplestiltskin indulges your whimsical yet mischievous nature. Aquarians are humanitarians at heart, so consider dressing up as an endangered animal or political issue.

With a fish as your symbol, any water-related theme works for a Pisces. You can dress up as a mermaid, sea monster, shipwreck or Neptune, god of the ocean. Pisces are on a life mission to acquire knowledge, so a librarian, philosopher or fortune-teller represents your inner psyche.

A strong-willed, courageous warrior, the sign of the ram is best represented by heroic characters with passionate personalities, such as Cleopatra, the Red Baron or a Hawaiian fire dancer.

A Western themed costume is less literal than dressing like a bull. A cape and sombrero transforms you into a fearless matador while a cowboy hat and rifle helps you you become the sharpshooter Annie Oakley. Taurus is not afraid to be devilish, so look for a costume that lets loose your inner demon.

Showcase your dual nature by dressing in drag or creating a split personality, such as an angel on one side and a devil on the other. Geminis find humor in quirky puns, such as a bloody knife through a cereal box for a “serial killer” or bunny ears and a broom for a “dust bunny.”

Cancer the crab is fascinated by history and heritage, so choose a costume that reflects your roots. Options include a Scottish kilt, a flapper dress, Dorothy or Mary Poppins.

A ferocious lion or tame kitty perfectly represents Leo, but your passionate personality means you crave a more boisterous costume. Pamper your fantastic fantasies by dressing up as a regal queen, an out-of-control pop star or a colorful flamenco dancer.


Sweet and innocent costumes best represent Virgo. You can either play the part, spice it up or gore out a bridal dress, schoolgirl outfit or knight in shining armor.

Champions of the underdog, Libras serve as the hands of justice. A judge, referee or prison guard is right up your alley.

Indulge your inherent secretive nature by playing superhero, detective, magician or supernatural creature. Brooding and mysterious characters, including a Goth girl, dark fairy or Darth Vader, also make good Scorpio costumes.

Since Sagittarius is represented by the archer, look for a costume that lets you carry a bow and arrow, such as a centaur, cupid, Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen.

As a lover of legends and lucky symbols, great Capricorn costumes include a pirate, ladybug or lottery ticket.

If you are still searching for a creative Halloween costume, read up on your zodiac’s personality traits or look at how other cultures interpret your astrological sign.